Thursday, September 27, 2012

ATHLETICS: One-on-One with Coach Katie Kahlweiss

Q: What was your occupation before you came to Fairmont as the Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach?
A: I used to teach at Mater Dei High School and I was the assistant Varsity Coach for the last 6 years. I also coached club at WAVE Volleyball Club for the past 7 years.

Q: Why did you want to coach volleyball at Fairmont?
A: I wanted to try something new where I could teach girls the skills of the game, how to compete, and to build a program.

Q: What was your first impression of the Varsity players and what is your impression now?
A: My first impression of the players was that they were a little shy and unsure. Now I have learned that they are outgoing and willing to learn how to be better players and competitive.

Q: Are there any warm ups that you like to do at the beginning of practice?
A: I like to pair the girls up and have them talk to each other about fun topics so they all get to know each other better. When we start practice I always like to start with a warm up game so that practice starts out competitive and fun, not a boring repetitive drill.

Q: What is the funniest thing you have experienced with the Prep Volleyball team?
A: The funniest thing I have experienced with them is when they ask me questions about what I like such as the type of music I listen to and television shows I watch. They get so shocked that I actually like some of the same things as them, so I guess I am a "cool" coach.

Q: Do you have an unusual hobby or hidden talent?
A: I enjoy playing a lot of beach volleyball. I really enjoy photography, I try to make jewelry, and I want to keep traveling all over the world. I am very good at water skiing and I also was a dancer for 10 years (tap, ballet, and jazz)!!

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: My favorite food is either sushi (any kind) or Spanish style tapas.

Q: Have you traveled anywhere else in the world?
A: YES!  I have been all over the USA, usually to play volleyball (including Hawaii and Alaska), but I also have been to Mexico several times. I have been to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, England, Brazil twice, Peru, the Bahamas, and Japan. I love to travel and try all the amazing foods in different countries, I can't wait to go more places. 

Q: Any other comments?
A: I am happy to be at Fairmont, and I am excited for new experiences in my future at this school. 

-Contributed by Nikita P., Class of 2013

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CLUBS: Latin American Club

Club Rush happened last week from September 17-19. The Latin American Club is a new club started this year by Presidents Justin Bredahl and Nathaly Basto. Students do not have to be Latino or Hispanic in order to join this club; in fact, the majority of the students who signed up are not, so feel free to join! This club is based on “Pa’lante y Pa’rriba Project,” the community organization Nathaly founded last year. For more information on this organization, please visit its facebook page
The Latino club will work to help low-income Hispanic American students with scholarships and financial aid for college and encourage these students to give back to their society and become future leaders of their communities. The scholarships include the Gates Millennium Scholarship, the QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship and the National College Match, and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Anyone who is interested in joining please contact either Justin or Nathaly ASAP. Thank you!

-Contributed by Nathaly B., Class of 2013

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ATHLETICS: One on One with Coach Esparza

Hello Huskies, I recently had the chance to sit down with Coach Esparza to get the inside scoop on  the athletic department.

Q: So, how are you enjoying your new position as Athletic Director?
Coach Esparza: So far it has been really enjoyable, especially being involved with all the programs and being able to make sure that each player gets to enjoy his or her experience on the athletic field.

Q: What is the first thing that you would like to change in the athletic department?
Coach Esparza: The program is running great at the moment because of Coach Alves' amazing work over the past ten years.  I would like to maintain the legacy and keep everything running smoothly.

Q: What kind of ideas do you have for the golf program?
Coach Esparza: So far the golf team has been a brilliant success, especially the girls golf team who have won 5 league championships. I would like to have more players for the girls golf team, and I would like to increase the members of the boys golf team as well.

Q: What do you think the first win of the season against Sage Hill means for the football team?
Coach Esparza: Starting the season with this win not only sets the tone for the season for football and other fall sports but it proves that hard work and determination will be rewarded. 

-Contributed by Nicholas P., Class of 2016

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ATHLETICS: Coach-Dad (& Coach-Mom) Clinic

One of my goals as the Head Boys' Basketball Coach at Fairmont Prep is to build a basketball community throughout Fairmont Schools that offers 360* support of the programs at all levels.

I am pleased to start working towards that goal by hosting our first "Coach-Dad" Clinic for 1st-8th grade students AND their parent/guardian on Saturday, September 22. We will concentrate on 2-person "Driveway-Drills" that can be taken home and used, not only to improve their basketball skills but to have some quality time between you and your child. To extend this quality time, we are encouraging attendees to caravan to that evening's football game vs Western Christian HS and offering free admission with a hot dog to all those who attended the basketball clinic. 

Please read the details below, and click here for more information. 

What: A basketball clinic designed for boys and girls in grades 1-8 and their parent/guardian 
When: Saturday, September 22 from 12pm-4pm 
Where: Fairmont Preparatory Academy 
Campers Receive: Four hours of instruction in the fundamentals instrumental to youth basketball success, including shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and man to man defense. 
Special: At the conclusion of the clinic all attendees are invited to caravan to the football game between the Fairmont Prep Huskies & Western Christian Lancers. Each attendee received free admission and a free husky dog. 
Director: Ray Lokar, Head Basketball Coach at Fairmont Prep Academy, Lead Trainer for the Positive Coaching Alliance, Author of 101 Basketball Tips. 
Staff: PCA Double-Goal Coaches 
Fee: $50 a pair when pre-registered and $60 at the door. Pay online or checks should be made payable to "Sports'n'Stuff" 
Questions: All questions should be directed to 657-464-PREP 

Image via Top News Sports 

Contributed by Mr. Ray Lokar, Head Basketball Coach 

Monday, September 17, 2012

CLUBS: Finding Your Perfect Club

Finding the perfect club out of all the clubs at Fairmont can seem daunting. Club Rush is on September 17th, 18th, and 19th at lunch. Each club will have a booth and some type of information brochure to let you know what the club is about. One word of advice is try not sign up for the first club you see! Visit every booth and find something you are actually interested in. Whether it be guitar or volunteering, there is a club for everyone. Joining a club is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and to have fun doing what you love! Don’t worry if you don’t find your perfect club this time around because there will be another Club Rush second semester. You can even make a new club if you want! Just visit the Green Room and talk to Mrs. Awa or Ms. Allen about it. 

-Contributed by Azzam A., Class of 2013