Tuesday, September 4, 2012

COUNSELING: New Counseling and College Center

Part of our mission at Fairmont Prep is to provide every student with the individualized guidance he or she needs to have a phenomenal high school experience, gain acceptance to the college or his or her choice, and be poised to succeed in college and beyond. As part of that commitment, we are continuing to invest in our counseling department this year by adding more counselors to our team and by opening a brand new Counseling and College Center.

We are thrilled to welcome academic counselors Ms. Tiffanie Fung and Ms. Cindy Lan and college counselor Mr. Justin Voss to the counseling team. With the addition of these fantastic counselors, our student-to-counselor ratio is now 85:1. This ratio outshines both public and private schools nationwide with ratios that range from 200:1 all the way to 500:1. We are very pleased to be able to provide this level of individualized attention and guidance to our students. 

We have also been hard at work all summer building a beautiful Counseling and College Center in the heart of our campus. We designed the new space with student and parent experience in mind. The Counseling Center is conveniently located in the main building with dual entrances, and it features offices for all of our counselors, two conference rooms, a reception area, and a student work space. Spanish accents were used throughout the center to match the architecture of our school. 

We invite you to take a sneak peek of the new space by checking out the photos below! Our counselors will begin moving in this week and the space will be ready for use very soon. We welcome you to visit us on campus later this fall to explore the space for yourself. 

The Spanish style lobby will feature a student work station with Mac computers. The double doors lead into a conference room.

This second view of the lobby shows off the rock accents on the walls and the reception desk where students and parents can make appointments with the counselors. 
Past the lobby are the counselor's offices, which are accessible through the main hallway. The wooden doors are arched at the top to match the Spanish architecture of our school. 

Behind each arched door is a spacious office with ample seating and storage space for our phenomenal counselors.

Contributed by Alyssa, Fairmont Private Schools 

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  1. Oh GOODNESS that is a fancy counseling center... I can't wait for it to open... I love the sleek, beautiful design, and I am so sure that a lot of counseling memories will be created there! Delicious!


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