Thursday, October 25, 2012

ATHLETICS: Homecoming Football Game

On October 13th, the Fairmont Prep Huskies played the Southlands Christian Eagles at Yorba Linda High School. The huskies have been working hard all season, as they beat Southlands Christian 59-0. Senior Jay S. had a great game, scoring on numerous occasions, while teammate, Junior quarterback, Bobby V. had an excellent game as well. The Huskies are as strong offensively as they are defensively. Senior Captain Shivum D. had his first interception which he almost returned for a touchdown. Overall, the Huskies played strategically and aggressively, and so they were able to win their first Homecoming game in three years. It was an awesome night and the Huskies made us proud! 

At half time, we crowned our Homecoming Court and announced the 2012 King and Queen.  Although fireworks and cars were prohibited at our home football field, ASB used their creativity in making the half time show memorable and impressive!  Instead of  fireworks, class-colored balloons rose out of building, filling up the sky beautifully.  

Congratulations to the 2012 Homecoming Court:

Freshman class Prince and Princess
David K. & Leanne A.

Sophomore Class Prince and Princess

Caleen O. & Kiernan H.

Junior Class Prince and Princess
Kevin D. & Jocelyn H.

Senior Class Prince and Princess
Nakul M. & Liz N.

King and Queen

Shawn P. & Emily H.

-Contributed by Sonali N., Class of 2014


  1. such an awesome night :)

  2. Congratulation kings and queens, and ASB did awesome job that night. We made the half time show on time, and it was great!!

  3. Congratulations to the court and to the team! It was a great night :)


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