Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Do you want community service hours? Do you want to help people in need? Do you want to be part of a big foundation? Well, then join Key Club! 

Key Club is one of the biggest, oldest clubs in the world as it is found in 30 different countries, 260,000 schools, and over 5,000 clubs. This club serves to help people in their community and to build leadership skills within the club. There are 14 other schools in each division and each month, there is a DCM, division council meeting. At DCM, schools in each division come together to discuss upcoming activities and different ways to fundraise for different charities and non-profit organizations such as Pediatric Trauma Program, Service Partners March of Dimes (funds research to reduce premature births), and UNICEF (works to overcome poverty, violence, discrimination, and disease that afflict children around the world). 

The activities that Key Club participate in vary from Fall Rally-Six Flags Magic Mountain, Leukemia-Lymphoma Walk for Cancer, Walk for Alzheimer’s, DCON (Division Convention), and many more. At DCON, key clubbers from California, Nevada, and Hawaii come together to celebrate a year of service and to see how many hours members served, how much money they made, and just to have fun. This year, Key Club started off a little weak, but they’re getting back on their feet and making improvements. So if you want to make new friends, earn community service hours, and be a part of the Kiwanis International family, join today! See Dr. Varnold for more information!

-Contributed by Danielle K., Class of 2014

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