Thursday, October 11, 2012

FASHION: Uniform Changes

Summer is officially over and before we all could guess it, it is October!  Being back at school means a lot of things; seeing our friends, homework, and at Fairmont getting back into our uniforms.

This year, the school has implemented some major changes to uniform and dress code policy! Lady Huskies must now wear black tights or leggings underneath their plaid skirts.  As usual, all shirts must be collared and tucked in (regardless of gender)! Shorts cannot be rolled more than one inch above the knee, belts are a must, and huskies can no longer wear black pants. The prep is granting a one year transition period where all students are allowed to wear the standard gray polo. During the 2013-2014 school year, and beyond, they will be taken off the approved list and considered a dress code violation! Don't forget, as it starts to get colder, hooded sweatshirts are not allowed! But don't sweat it! There are some really cute crew necks I've seen around school- don't be shy in asking where people have bought their jackets ! It's a compliment, I promise!

A lot of people tend to dislike the restrictions of a uniform; but I see it more as a chance to really stand out in a sea of black, white, green, and gray. Find ways to express yourself! As the nights start to get colder, scarves are always a good choice for the lady (and even the boys can rock it too). Pair them with a cute pair of tights and boots and you already stand out!  Find your own individual style now and learn how to accommodate to different occasions and certain social settings.

-Contributed by Amanda K., Class of 2015


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    1. Love you too, Dante <3 ahah
      -Amanda Kwak

  2. Uniform change made unity of students in our school :) Go Huskies !

    - Jenny Lee

  3. Not much high school uniforms-year left for a senior like me:(
    I'll really miss Fairmont.

  4. that doesn't make a really big difference for me

  5. This was really interesting and informed to the uniform changes. Thank you for insight, Amanda.


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