Monday, October 22, 2012


Red Ribbon Week October 22-26
Red Ribbon Week serves as a means for communities to take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children through a commitment to drug prevention and education. This includes making a personal commitment to live drug free lives with the ultimate goal of having a drug-free America. 
This week at Fairmont Prep we celebrate Red Ribbon Week with various activities each day.

Monday, October 22     Red bracelets will be distributed in homeroom.
Pinwheels-Begin the week by pledging to be drug free.  Stop by the  table and make a pinwheel to be places in the flower beds around campus.
Tuesday, October 23
SOLOng to Drugs-Join us at lunch as we create a Red Ribbon Week keepsake with red SOLO cups
Wednesday, October 24
Dress Up Don't Mess Up-Wear Red  accessories (socks, caps, sunglasses, ties, jewelry, watches) with your school uniform.
Pledge to be drug free!  Stop by the Red Ribbon Week table and make your pledge to be drug free.

Thursday, October 25
Wheel of Misfortune-Stop by the Red Ribbon Week table and take a spin to see what misfortune awaits you.
I'm too Smart to Start-Wear glasses!  Participate in the Goggle Experience!

Friday, October 26
Dress for Success-boys:  dress pants, button down shirt, tie and dress shoes; girls: dress, blouse and skirt, blouse and dress pants, dress shoes.

Sock it to Drugs-Join us in the gym during lunch for a sock hop dance.  make sure to wear red socks ($1 if you don't wear red socks) because shoes are not allowed for this dance.

-Contributed by Dante D., Class of 2015


  1. building this wall so so hard but fun!

  2. We made the red ribbon week so fun!
    The decorations were great, and the dance was awesome!!


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