Thursday, January 17, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Fairmont Prep Debaters Compete on National Stage

Fairmont Prep debaters traveled to Arizona State University this past weekend (January 10-13) to participate with 56 other schools at the Southwest Championship Speech and Debate Tournament. All four two-person Fairmont teams competed in the varsity public forum debate division that included 106 teams overall. All teams participated in six preliminary rounds, after which 32 teams were invited to compete in the first of five sudden-death elimination rounds. The teams needed a 4-2 record with qualifying speaker points to advance to the elimination rounds. The following records reflect the efforts of the Fairmont students, all of whom (with the exception of two students) are in 9th and 10th grades:
Kayla Bach/Jessica Chung: 5-1 (losing in the first suddent death elimination round on a close 2-1 decision)
Austin Kaidi/Anjali Narang: 4-2 (failing to advance based on a speaker point tiebreaker)
Meeran Ismail/Justin Lee: 3-3
Nicholas Palmer/Milan Mistry: 3-3

Kayla Bach: 38th speaker
Milan Mistry: 42nd speaker

Four Fairmont debaters will travel to Emory University to compete in one of the largest annual debate tournaments at the end of January. We wish them the best as they continue to represent Fairmont on the national debate circuit.

-Contributed by Dr. Brandstetter, Fairmont Prep Speech & Debate Coach 

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  1. Great job debate team! We are so proud of you guys! :)


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