Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yearbook Memories

This year’s Yearbook staff has put in immense effort to create an amazing yearbook that showcases the memories made throughout the entire school year. From writing articles (Copy) to taking pictures (Photo) to designing the spreads (Layout), the staff loved working together as a team through long hectic days to meet deadlines. To meet deadlines, the staff would often stay at school until 8 PM, determined to finish the remaining layouts. Outside of school, the staff has organized Yearbook bonding events at Huntington Beach and the Anaheim Ice Rink. Jocelyn Huang commented, “My favorite memory with the Yearbook staff was sitting around the bonfire at the beach, playing bonding games!” Advisor, Ms. Aguilar, has helped to guide this remarkable group of individuals to create a book filled with charished memories for the entire school to share.

-Contributed by Nikita P., Class of 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: UC Berkeley National Debate Tournament

The University of California at Berkeley hosted its 40th annual high school speech and debate tournament this past weekend, attracting nearly 1500 students from 39 states. Recognized as one of the largest high school tournaments in the nation, the tournament demands 7 preliminary rounds of debate before beginning 6 single elimination rounds. These debates occur over a three-day period.

Kayla B. earned first speaker honors out of a pool of 564 debaters. This accomplishment is quite outstanding given her sophomore status and the many senior debaters from across the country against whom she and her partner were competing. Kayla and Jessica C. earned a 4th team seed out of 282 teams after 7 preliminary rounds with a 6-1 record. They advanced to the round of 32 teams remaining before losing on a 2-1 decision to Leland High School. Kayla and Jessica amassed more team points than any other team in the tournament.

Nicholas P. and Milan M. also completed 7 preliminary rounds with a winning record of 4-3, losing a 7th round-breaking debate which would have otherwise qualified them for the elimination round pool.

Congratulations go out to the whole speech and debate team for their accomplishments! 

-Contributed by Dr. Brandstetter, Fairmont Preparatory Academy Speech & Debate Coach 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CLUBS: Yearbook

What is a Yearbook?
A yearbook is a book that is distributed at the end of every school year that hightlights the people, events, and organizations of the year

What kind of jobs are there in Yearbook Club?
We have an Editor in Chief who helps oversee the whole project and staff. Editors for the Layout Design, and editors for Photography and Copy (Writing). We also have staff members within each of those categories. Students in Layout Design create the pages, including graphics, colors, and fonts. Students in Copy do interviews and surveys and write all of the articles and  captions. Photography students take photos of every event throughout the year.

How many students are in Yearbook Club?
It fluxuates every year. However, it is usually around 20-30 students.

How do you join Yearbook Club?
At the end of every year we have applications and and interviews. This is usually done towards the end of April. Applicants should have an interest in design, writing or photography. They should be someone who likes to get to know people, talk to people and go to the various school events. Good time management and efficient work skills are a must have due to the time demands that come with being in Yearbook Club.

Ms. Aguilar's Comments: "Yearbook is a really fun group of students. In addition to being a great way to getting involved at school, we also do fun activities as a group. This year we had a bonfire at the beach and went ice skating for our holiday party. We also have pizza parties for our deadline meetings. It's a lot of work, but at the end of the year when everyone sees the book and sees their hard work that made the book look great, it's well worth it.

-Contributed by Hanna S., Class of 2016

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Do you enjoy speaking in front of others? Do you enjoy research and writing? Do you enjoy discussing topics with friends?  If you responded yes to any of these questions, the Debate Team is for you. This year, the FPA debate program has taken a giant leap forward and has become recognized as a force to be reckoned with. You may be wondering, what debate is all about, or maybe you have seen a debate in a movie. Debate is more than the traditional arguing or discussing topics. Some contestants’ sing, perform comedy skits or act on stage. The following is a list of styles and events:

Styles of Debate:

  • Parliamentary- this style emphasizes argumentation and rhetoric, rather than research and detailed factual knowledge.
  • Public Forum- Because of its strong relevance to the real-world and ability to develop life skills, public forum debate has exploded in popularity since its introduction into high school debate by the National Forensic League
  • Policy Debate- Policy debate is a form of speech competition in which teams of two advocate for and against a resolution that typically calls for policy change by the United States federal government.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate- LD, as it is referred to, is a style of debate were two speakers compete in a one on one competition of reasoning and cross examination.

Individual Events:

  • Impromptu
  • Extemporaneous
  • Original Oratory
  • Dramatic Interpretation
  • Humorous Interpretation

As you can see, debate offers a myriad of styles and events that will let you utilize your personal talents. Whether you enjoy working within a partnership or competing as an individual, we have a place for you on our team.  One thing that many U.S. Presidents and corporate CEO’s have in common is that they competed for their school's debate teams. But if you still are not convinced that debate is for you, did I mention we travel to many college campuses across the country to compete. This year the Prep’s debate team has graduated from league competition and has moved on to the national circuit. We have competed at Cal Lutheran, Cal State Fullerton, Arizona University, Emory University in Georgia, and are preparing to travel to UC Berkley. So come out for the debate team and learn to express yourself.

-Contributed by Nick P., Class of 2016

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EVENT RE-CAP: Open House

On Thursday, January 17, 5pm – 8pm the Open House for Fairmont Preparatory Academy went off without a hitch!. Parents came to the campus and went from room to room to speak with the teachers about the progress of their child/children while they enjoyed food and snacks. They were able to have a deeper understanding of how the students are doing and got a head start on the second semester. The Student Ambassadors, along with the help of some ASB members, were able to assist the parents and guide them throughout the night. Although the weather was quite cold, the day was warmed up by our friendly parents and teachers. The heat lamps may have aided in the warming as well. With great food, friendly parents, and the hard work of our Student Ambassadors and teachers, Open House 2013 was a great success!

-Contributed by Jix Xuan L., Class of 2015

Thursday, February 7, 2013

ATHLETICS: Basketball Update

The Men's Varsity Basketball Team started their season out with a bang! With amazing training from their coach, Ray Lokar, they are 2nd in the division 4 San Joaquin league. Following their game this weekend at Avalon, they will have the second half of their league remaining. After a tough loss against SVC they are pushing to make a comeback at the CIF playoffs!

The Men's Junior Varsity Bsketball Team also currently sits at 2nd in the San Juaquin league. With leaders like Waleed Awan and Jonathan Messiha, the team has met every challenge standing in their way. Holding onto an undefeated record, they are shooting for the number 1 ranking! The Team will also head to Avalon this weekend with hopes of maintaining their undefeated status. After Avalon, they will be looking at 5 remaining games.

The Men's Freshmen/Sophomore Basketball Team is deeper into their season with only two games left.

-Contributed by Manu S., Class of 2016

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ACADEMICS: Advanced Placement Registration

Dear Parents of Advanced Placement (AP) students,

If your student is currently enrolled in an Advanced Placement course, it is time to register for the end of the year exams.  Registration this year will be on-line and begin February 6th and go through February 25th. The fee for each exam is $89.  

The following tests will be offered:
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Chinese Language and Culture
English Language
English Literature and Composition
Environmental Science
Government and Politics: US
Music theory
Physics B
Physics C: Mechanics
Spanish Language
Studio Art: 2D Design
Studio Art: Drawing
US History
World History

If your student is unsure as to which exam/s he or she should take, please contact a school counselor before registering.

The registration form for AP exams can be found at the following link:

You will be asked to choose specific exams, and to enter credit card information.  Thank you for your continued support of your student's education.

Best Regards,

Carolyn A. Lucia
Dean of Advanced Studies
Fairmont Preparatory Academy