Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CLUBS: Yearbook

What is a Yearbook?
A yearbook is a book that is distributed at the end of every school year that hightlights the people, events, and organizations of the year

What kind of jobs are there in Yearbook Club?
We have an Editor in Chief who helps oversee the whole project and staff. Editors for the Layout Design, and editors for Photography and Copy (Writing). We also have staff members within each of those categories. Students in Layout Design create the pages, including graphics, colors, and fonts. Students in Copy do interviews and surveys and write all of the articles and  captions. Photography students take photos of every event throughout the year.

How many students are in Yearbook Club?
It fluxuates every year. However, it is usually around 20-30 students.

How do you join Yearbook Club?
At the end of every year we have applications and and interviews. This is usually done towards the end of April. Applicants should have an interest in design, writing or photography. They should be someone who likes to get to know people, talk to people and go to the various school events. Good time management and efficient work skills are a must have due to the time demands that come with being in Yearbook Club.

Ms. Aguilar's Comments: "Yearbook is a really fun group of students. In addition to being a great way to getting involved at school, we also do fun activities as a group. This year we had a bonfire at the beach and went ice skating for our holiday party. We also have pizza parties for our deadline meetings. It's a lot of work, but at the end of the year when everyone sees the book and sees their hard work that made the book look great, it's well worth it.

-Contributed by Hanna S., Class of 2016


  1. Go Yearbook!! It is one of the best clubs on campus to join :)

  2. This seems like a lot of fun, definitely considering it for next year.

  3. I really want my yearbooks this year, there were so much great memories to remember.

    Jia Xuan Li

  4. Great work all Yearbook members! Thanks for all the hard work! :)

  5. GO YEARBOOK! can't wait for it to come out!!

  6. Looking forward to the yearbooks this year :)

  7. It seems really interesting. I am already waiting for the yearbook!!


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