Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EVENT RE-CAP: Open House

On Thursday, January 17, 5pm – 8pm the Open House for Fairmont Preparatory Academy went off without a hitch!. Parents came to the campus and went from room to room to speak with the teachers about the progress of their child/children while they enjoyed food and snacks. They were able to have a deeper understanding of how the students are doing and got a head start on the second semester. The Student Ambassadors, along with the help of some ASB members, were able to assist the parents and guide them throughout the night. Although the weather was quite cold, the day was warmed up by our friendly parents and teachers. The heat lamps may have aided in the warming as well. With great food, friendly parents, and the hard work of our Student Ambassadors and teachers, Open House 2013 was a great success!

-Contributed by Jix Xuan L., Class of 2015

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