Friday, April 26, 2013

ATHLETICS: Joe Ehrmann Visits Fairmont Prep

On Sunday April 21st Fairmont Prep Academy was fortunate to have world-renowned speaker Joe speak to a group of 65 educators, clergy, and coaches eager to learn his personal history, have him explain why and how he developed his groundbreaking coaching philosophy—and what other coaches and leaders can do to incorporate it into their programs. They day was filled with Joe's impassioned presentation, plenty of group discussion, sharing ideas, along with some great fellowship (and food!)
 Joe Ehrmann is the Author of "InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives" and was the focus of the 2004 best-seller 'Season of Life". He was featured on the cover of Parade Magazine which called Joe "The Most Important Coach in America" and he's been named one of The 100 Most Influential Educators in America by the Institute for International Sport.
Using Joe's 89-page Curriculum Handbook attendees did activities that examined the questions:
Why do I coach?
Why do I coach the way I do?
How does it feel to be coached by me?

The essence of the message in both the book and the days seminar is that coaches and educators fit into one of two categories. Either they are primarily "Transactional" or "Transformational". 
A "Transactional" Coach/Teacher/Educator provides a service, the customer (student/athlete) performs, and the Coach/Teacher/Educator (and their program or school) benefits. This Transactional Educator is self-centered, worried about extrinsic benefits. A Transactional Coach puts themselves first, the team/program/school second, and the student/athletes third.

A "Transformational" Coach/Teacher/Educator primary concern is transforming lives and all decisions are made to that end. A Transformational Coach puts the student/athletes first, the team/program/school second, and themselves third. A Transformational Coach is "other-centered" and understands the intrinsic values are what's really most important. It's easy to see which one we want to be.

The end of the day covered 12 Principles of InSideOut Coaching and methods to develop and implement them into your program. There was plenty of discussion and an extensive Q&A session.
Thanks for supporting this outstanding opportunity to be a school of character.

- Contributed by Ray Lokar, Head Boys' Basketball Coach


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Debate State Championship

This past weekend 156 schools attended the 55th annual California High School Speech and Debate State Championship Tournament at West Ranch High School in Santa Clarita. The competition saw the best speakers from each California league compete for state honors. Through the Orange County Speech League qualification process, two Fairmont Preparatory debate teams and one individual event student, received an invitation to compete in the State Championship Tournament.

Austin K. and Anjali N. participated as a team and advanced all the way to the fourth round before elimination. The fourth round consisted of 23 teams narrowed from an initial 49 teams. Individual student Kayla B. advanced deep into the tournament to the semi-final round in extemporaneous speaking putting her in the top 18 speakers of the 56 that began the individual tournament. An invite to this tournament is an extraordinary accomplishment, let alone advancing through multiple rounds! In recognition for qualification to the tournament, Fairmont Preparatory received a stunning plaque! In addition, Kayla B. was also given a plaque for her semi-finalist standing!

-Contributed by Rickey, Fairmont Private Schools

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ATHLETICS: Men's Tennis Team

Fairmont's men tennis team has gotten off to a running start this year.  Despite a loss that come down to the wire against Oxford Academy, Fairmont has since established a 6-1 record this season.  In a family coaching duo, Morisa Yang and her brother William Yang have served essential roles as the team’s coaches.  The team is only halfway through their season and is facing TVT and  Arcadia next but will undoubtedly make us Huskies proud.

-Contributed by David K., Class of 2016

Thursday, April 4, 2013

TECHNOLOGY: Prep TEC Launch Gala

On Thursday, March 28 Fairmont Preparatory Academy kicked off its Prep TEC (Technology-Enhanced Curriculum) Program with a special gala event. The evening began with a presentation by Dr. Matt Brandstetter about the components of the program and the importance of technology in education. 

Next year, Fairmont Prep will have a 1:1 student iPad program and iPads will be incorporated into the curriculum in every subject. At the Gala, families were able to see the iPads in action by visiting classroom demonstrations around the gym

We were so pleased to have so many Fairmont families in attendance to see the technology integration in action. Thank you to everyone who joined! 

-Contributed by Alyssa, Fairmont Private Schools

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Around the World Celebrations

As a tradition on the Prep Campus, we celebrate the various cultures of the world in what we call our Around the World (ATW) international celebrations. For the past three weeks, decorations have covered the school, such as flags of different countries. On each Friday during the month of March, students had the opportunity to dress in cultural attire, try foreign foods, and participate in cultural activities.

On ATW Day 1, the Prep campus celebrated the Americas, Europe, and Australia. A magician as well as a fire dancer performed, leaving all the students and teachers watching in awe.
The following Friday on ATW Day 2, the Prep Campus celebrated Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, India, & the Middle East. Students enjoyed a performance from belly dancers and got a chance to get real close to some really cool animals. 

The last Friday was the Prep's annual "Fairmont's Got Talent" Show with amazing performances from the student body to wrap up the Around the World festivities. Winners of the talent show include Rachel Mount as the Crowd Favorite, Christy Park as the best singing performance, and the Brownish Crew as the best dance group. All of the acts gave great performances! Great job Huskies! To end the day, the students enjoyed free root beer floats from our Parent Association. It was a great week for everyone at the Prep and we look forward to the same fun experience the next year!

-Contributed by Mark A., Class of 2014