Tuesday, April 2, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Around the World Celebrations

As a tradition on the Prep Campus, we celebrate the various cultures of the world in what we call our Around the World (ATW) international celebrations. For the past three weeks, decorations have covered the school, such as flags of different countries. On each Friday during the month of March, students had the opportunity to dress in cultural attire, try foreign foods, and participate in cultural activities.

On ATW Day 1, the Prep campus celebrated the Americas, Europe, and Australia. A magician as well as a fire dancer performed, leaving all the students and teachers watching in awe.
The following Friday on ATW Day 2, the Prep Campus celebrated Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, India, & the Middle East. Students enjoyed a performance from belly dancers and got a chance to get real close to some really cool animals. 

The last Friday was the Prep's annual "Fairmont's Got Talent" Show with amazing performances from the student body to wrap up the Around the World festivities. Winners of the talent show include Rachel Mount as the Crowd Favorite, Christy Park as the best singing performance, and the Brownish Crew as the best dance group. All of the acts gave great performances! Great job Huskies! To end the day, the students enjoyed free root beer floats from our Parent Association. It was a great week for everyone at the Prep and we look forward to the same fun experience the next year!

-Contributed by Mark A., Class of 2014


  1. I really liked the Around the World festivities this year! My favorite part was singing that Chinese song, "Sweet", by Jay Chou, in the talent show with my best friend Simon Sun!

  2. Around the world is always so exciting! I'm looking forward to next year's celebration already!

  3. Around the world was amazing and fun! I really liked how we all celebrated all the cultures. I thought the monkies and the henna booth were great.

  4. I love around the world day! I really enjoyed seeing people wear their own cultural clothes.

  5. It was amazing!! Great job ASB!!


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