Wednesday, May 22, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: Biology Competition

Last month, Fairmont Preparatory Academy sent a team to compete in the annual University of Toronto National Biology Competition.  The contest was quite large with a total of 276 schools and 4137 contestants participating. Teams hailed from not only all over the country, but from all over the world. The 4137 contestants represented Canada, USA, Malaysia, Turkey, and China. 

This was our first year competing in this event, however the 11 juniors we brought did not let the novelty of the competition hold them back from an outstanding performance. The 11 Medical Magnet students led the Fairmont Preparatory team to a 28 out of 276 overall school ranking. The accolades continued on an individual level with Duy Khoi D., Kennith S. and Allison C. receiving recognition as "Notion Biology Scholars," and each ranked in the top 250 of the 4137 total students! The team’s hard work and dedication was clearly evident in their performance! Congratulations on a spectacular showing!

-Contributed by Rickey, Fairmont Private Schools

Friday, May 17, 2013


Last month, our very own Fairmont debaters competed in the annual National Forensic League national qualifying tournament.. 23 other Southern California National Forensic League schools showed up at the La Costa Canyon High School campus to compete.

Our debate teams did extremely well. Jessica Chung and Kayla Bach advanced all the way to the quarterfinal round before being eliminated. Freshmen team Nicholas Palmer and Sonali Narang advanced two rounds beyond the first elimination round for debate teams to the 4th round.

Sophomore Kayla Bach competed in the division of extemporaneous speaking. Out of the three national topics she drew, she chose one on which to make a speech. Kayla delivered a 7-minute speech without notes after a 30-minute preparation period. She advanced far enough to earn herself first alternate status to the National Forensic League’s National Tournament. The tournament is to be held June 16 through the 21st in Birmingham, Alabama. Kayla will soon be notified if her alternate position becomes a qualifying berth for nationals. We have no doubt that if given the opportunity, Kayla will make the Husky Family proud again!

-Contributed by Rickey, Fairmont Private Schools

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITES: UC Davis C-STEM Competition 2013


The University of California, Davis held its 3rd C-STEM Day earlier this month on May 4th. The event consists of three competitions: RoboPlay Challenge Competition, RoboPlay Video Competition, and Math Programming Competition.Our group of Fairmont Prep students participated in all events. The teams did exceptionally well in both the Math Programming Competition and the RoboPlay Challenge Competition.

We took 2 teams to compete in the RoboPlay video competition this year and they both brought their A game! The RoboPlay video competition requires students to create a video displaying Mobot’s abilities in creative and fun ways. The competition is designed to allow students to express their right brain abilities through writing, art, music, choreography, and film making while expressing their left brain abilities through learning C-STEM subjects and manipulating robot coordination. Both Fairmont teams proved to be up to the challenge and won awards for their respective videos.
The first video titled “Mobot Hulk Dancing Suit & Tie”brilliantly integrated the showcasing of the mobots abilities with an artistic music video using Justin Timberlake’s song “Suit & Tie.” “Mobot Hulk Dancing Suit & Tie” received the well-deserved award for best choreography. You can watch the video here: The second video titled “Molympics” played off of the London Olympics on NBC, showing the mobots competing in Olympic events. The group of Prep students behind the creating of“Molypmics” took home 2 awards, winning both Most Interesting Task, as well as Best Overall Video! You can watch this video here:
Congratulations to both teams for such an amazing showing! This is just another example of Fairmont Prep students showing their ability to be well-rounded students with both analytical and creative skills.

-Contributed by Rickey, Fairmont Private Schools