Monday, August 26, 2013

HUSKY NEWSROOM: Meet Mrs. Carrie

Mrs. Karen Carrie is an incoming teacher with a lot of talent to offer and a super catchy name. She specializes in graphic design, fashion design, photography, and yearbook. Mrs. Carrie graduated from the University of Millersville, a top-notch public institution located in Pennsylvania.
Before deciding to join the Fairmont family, this new teacher taught in Washington D.C. and Virginia and just moved here recently, having taught creative movement to preschoolers, art to elementary students, and a wealth of art subjects to an adult class as well.
What she is looking forward to at Fairmont is becoming thoroughly involved within the school and getting to know her students as both a professional and caring nurturer. Throughout the school year, she will be excited to see how her students’ projects turn out and watching their collective ideas and creative juices flow out effortlessly. Mrs. Carrie’s advice for the school year is to be yourself, enjoy the high school experience, and really savor it because it doesn’t last very long.
Something interesting about her is that she LOVES to shop at thrift and vintage stores. She feels that it’s like finding her own little treasures. Lastly, her room is filled with creative artwork, colors, and projects because she strongly feels that students should be able to create their own personal space within her room.
This is the REAL Mrs. Karen Carrie and we are ecstatic to have her as a part of the Fairmont Preparatory Academy.
-Contributed by Megan R., Austin K., & Ashley K

Welcome Back from ASB President

Welcome back Huskies! This summer definitely went by fast, didn't it? I hope everyone had a great summer and an even better first week of school! A new year is a new beginning. This year ASB has lot of awesome plans to make the 2013-14 school year the best one yet! 

The biggest change this year is the combining of the Prep and International Academy into ONE school. We welcome all of our international students and hope you enjoy your Fairmont Prep experience!

Today, students enjoyed the Back to School Rally and Field Day. Themed "Fishing for a Win," this year's Back to School Rally was a success! Congratulations to the Senior Class of 2014 for winning the rally! Look out for the class's blue flag to be hung on the flag pole next week. Students spent the rest of their day relaxing at the park, getting to know their classmates and playing various games.

Our first football game is Friday, September 6th, against Sage Hill at Sage Hill High School. There is a rooter bus that will take students to and from the game for only $10. Come out and support our huskies in the first game of a winning season! Don't forget to wear green and black.  Be ready to cheer on our huskies football team!

Finally, I strongly encourage everyone to get involved at the Prep. Try out for a sport, start or join a club, attend dances and games, participate in spirit activities! This year will be as fun as you make it. If you are looking for ways to get involved, ask an ASB member for opportunities. 

This year has started on a great note. Let's continue to make it a great year! GO HUSKIES!
-Contributed by Kaitlyn T., ASB President