Tuesday, October 1, 2013

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: High School and Middle School Debate

This past weekend, the Harker School in San Jose hosted the Nichols Invitational. Thirty-two schools showed up for the two-day public forum tournament. In an effort to align the high school debate team and middle school debate team, both programs competed at the tournament. Fairmont Prep students competed both Saturday and Sunday, while Fairmont middle school students competed on Sunday. Although this was the first time our middle schools students competed in a public forum tournament, they did exceptionally well. Fairmont students earned the following awards:

High School Students:
a) Nicholas Palmer and Sonali Narang amassed a winning record of 4-2 after 6 preliminary rounds, advancing them to the first elimination round before losing to St. Francis High School;

Middle School Students:
a) Record of 4-0:
Zaina Syed & Adrian Sarmiento
b) Records of 3-1:
Eric Frankel & Adnan Ismail
Jake Palmer & Gurveer Singh
c) Records of 2-2
Sarah Saboorian & Sahar Khayashar
Ellie Gibbons & Evan Patel
Speaker Awards:
2nd speaker: Zaina Syed
Fifth speaker: Ellie Gibbs
Sixth speaker: Evan Patel

Congratulations to all participants!