Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ATHLETICS: Boy's Soccer

The Prep men's varsity soccer team consists of more than 20 players, all of whom have been playing soccer for several years. The team knows the merit of hard work, as their 2013-14 season has been rigorous so far. Matthew Tuinstra, who has played soccer for six years, appreciates the game and all it offers. "I enjoy the sport, and I like to embrace physical activity. The good thing about playing team sports is that you get to bond with other people and learn how to work as a unit. We're gonna make it to CIF this year!" The team must learn to juggle school work and athletics, which they manage very well. Men's varsity soccer will continue to make the Prep proud in the future, scoring goals in the classroom and on the field. Their current record is 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Their next game, against St. Michael's at Trident Center on Friday, is sure to be an excellent game. Come and cheer on our Huskies!

 -Contributed by Annie G., Cultural Awareness Commissioner


  1. So proud of Boys Soccer! Keep up the good work Huskies!

  2. Every day, I would see the soccer team practicing out on the lawn after school... The hard work is sure to pay off. Go Huskies! :)


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