Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PREP PLUS: Prep Plus Tutor Program

Prep Plus has performed well in the 2013-2014 school year. With a new tutor program started by Ms. Lola Coleman, tutors meet monthly on Mondays after school to receive training and give feedback about their tutoring sessions. Tutors help other students one or several days a week, Monday through Thursday, after school. Subjects include English, Science, Social Science, Math, Chinese, and Spanish. Samantha M., a student in English tutoring said Prep Plus helped her bring grades up while enjoying friendly conversations with the tutor. In addition to tutoring, singing in Open-Mic and Dance Alliance actively meet once a week at Prep Plus to prepare for the upcoming Prep Plus Showcase, where talents nurtured by Prep Plus shine! This year has been wonderful for our Prep Plus Program! More student participation, a strengthened tutoring program, and the return of the Prep Plus Showcase all show how much Fairmont students can do! Go huskies!

-Contributed by Yusi W., Cultural Awareness Commissioner, Jenny L., Publicity & Design Commissioner, Spencer J., Commissioner-at-Large.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Rise and Shine! Every morning, our Academic Decathlon team wakes up early to come to school and study! All sixteen Decathletes compete in Art, Music, Math, Science, Social Science, Economics, Language and Literature, Speech, Essay, and Interview.

      This year, the topic was World War I. The Decathletes dedicated their time studying all about the Great War: causes of the War, scientific innovations created during that period, economic effects of the War, music and art of the period, and Ernest Hemingway’s, The Sun Also Rises. After months of dedicated practice, the Decathletes competed on January 25th and February 1st.

The team did very well, placing 26th overall. In addition, the Decathletes won numerous individual awards, making Fairmont Prep proud.

Here is a list of the individual accomplishments: 
Ejay Choi (9th grader competing against Seniors of OC): 4th Music, 1st Math
Joanne Kwon: 4th Music, 1st Math, 4th Econ, 2nd Speech, 2nd Social Science, 2nd Interview
Ashley Kwon: 3rd Music, 2nd Math, 2nd Science, 3rd Econ
Allison Cheung: 2nd Music, 4th Math, 3rd Science, 3rd Speech
Lubna Kabir: 5th Interview, 3rd Math, 5th Speech
Annie Gulati: 3rd Interview, 5th Lang and Lit
Cristina Zhao: 3rd Math
Stephanie Oh: 2nd Math
Aaron Su: 1st Music, 2nd Language and Literature, 2nd Math, 1st Science, 2nd Social Science.

Congratulations Decathletes!

Team members would like to send a special thank you to Dr. Varnold for his support and dedication!

       Now that the Varsity Academic Decathlon is over, freshmen and sophomore Decathletes are preparing for the JV Academic Decathlon Competition, taking place on May 17th. Good luck JV Decathletes! 

       Finally, there are many senior Academic Decathlon team members who will graduate this year. The team is in great need of new members. If anyone is interested, please contact Dr.Varnold for more details.

Go Huskies!

-Contributed by Shawnnelle N., Class of 2017 Commissioner, Ashley K., Class of 2014 Vice President, Megan R., Faculty Relations Commissioner.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Travel Week is my favorite event of the year because Fairmont always offers my friends and I a valuable opportunity to hang out, travel around the world and learn about different cultures. This year, Fairmont offered students a fantastic chance to go to Hawaii. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to go because I was busy finishing my college applications. However, I got the chance to interview the group leader of this trip, Mr. Prado. He said, “the 6-day trip turned out to be a great experiment.” In particular, he mentioned that he really enjoyed this special vacation before school started because it was so fun and relaxing.

            When I asked Mr. Prado to describe this trip in one word, he said ‘fun.’ Mr. Prado’s favorite part was going to the coral exhibition. “It was interesting to learn how coral could have such a big impact on the environment.” Additionally, students had a unique experience in Hawaii as they enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian feast during their visit to a Luau. Guests enjoyed food and entertainment while learning of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. The beach cleanup was another highlight of the trip because students earned community service hours while having fun and helping to protect the environment.

            After hearing of the experience from Mr. Prado, I also had a chance to talk to Logan Okawachi, a Travel Week participant. He said this senior trip meant a lot to him because he was able to experience various things that he has never had a chance to try before, such as snorkeling and hiking in a volcano! In addition, he told me he enjoyed surfing Waikiki.

            The trip to Hawaii ended with a collective positive vibe, sure to make it unforgettable.

-Contributed by Yining X., Cultural Awareness Commissioner