Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Travel Week is my favorite event of the year because Fairmont always offers my friends and I a valuable opportunity to hang out, travel around the world and learn about different cultures. This year, Fairmont offered students a fantastic chance to go to Hawaii. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to go because I was busy finishing my college applications. However, I got the chance to interview the group leader of this trip, Mr. Prado. He said, “the 6-day trip turned out to be a great experiment.” In particular, he mentioned that he really enjoyed this special vacation before school started because it was so fun and relaxing.

            When I asked Mr. Prado to describe this trip in one word, he said ‘fun.’ Mr. Prado’s favorite part was going to the coral exhibition. “It was interesting to learn how coral could have such a big impact on the environment.” Additionally, students had a unique experience in Hawaii as they enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian feast during their visit to a Luau. Guests enjoyed food and entertainment while learning of Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. The beach cleanup was another highlight of the trip because students earned community service hours while having fun and helping to protect the environment.

            After hearing of the experience from Mr. Prado, I also had a chance to talk to Logan Okawachi, a Travel Week participant. He said this senior trip meant a lot to him because he was able to experience various things that he has never had a chance to try before, such as snorkeling and hiking in a volcano! In addition, he told me he enjoyed surfing Waikiki.

            The trip to Hawaii ended with a collective positive vibe, sure to make it unforgettable.

-Contributed by Yining X., Cultural Awareness Commissioner


  1. I've heard nothing but great things about the trip to Hawaii. I definitely wish I went. Don't miss out on next year's trip!

  2. Sounds like everyone had fun and learned a lot! I wish I could have gone, but I had to work on my college apps! :(

  3. Sounded fantastic, I'll be sure to attend the next Travel Week!

  4. :) I wish I went to Hawaii because it sounded awesome!


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