Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ATHLETICS: Boy's Tennis

Boy's tennis season has come to an end. They started the season well, with a win in their first game. Although they were not able to remain consistent, the team stayed positive as they continued to practice and bond as a team. Team Ace Max Pham proved his place in the national rankings as he powered through and maintained his PERFECT winning record. The team ended with a 5-9 record and are determined to improve for next year. "We had a good season this year, although we did not make it to CIF playoffs, says Team Captain David Kwon. "Although our record was not as good as last year, this season was a building season for next year," says Max Pham, "our guys are working hard and I feel that next year when we are in a league that we can make it to CIFS."  Max will be representing Fairmont at CIF individuals for Division I.

Contributed by - Matthew T., Athletics Commissioner, Tarek S., Student Relations Commissioner


  1. Great Job Boy Tennis Team! And good luck to Max Pham on his CIF individuals games!

  2. I am so proud of all of you huskies! Congratulations on a wonderful year!


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