Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CLUBS: Club Rush Re-Cap

Club Rush is an event that gives students a platform to create or/and join different clubs. During the event, club officers will set up their materials for advertisement (posters, spreadsheets, and snacks) on the tables provided.

For this year's club rush, there were approximately 48 that participated, all with diligent officers and advisors working together toward the same goal: to enrich students' lives. Our most active clubs include: Red Cross, UNICEF, Kid Work, Model United Nations, and  CCIA. Not only did club founders able to experience the thrill of welcoming new members.  Students were provided with various aspects of information to help them make their choices--some clubs are based on community service purpose while others are made to initiate students' leadership in international relationships.

Thanks to all the effort put in by our club officers and advisors that made our Club Rush experience wonderful!

-Contributed by ASB officers Nora W., Alex K., and Eric Z.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Fall Requirements and Service Projects

We kicked this year off on the right foot for community service. On the very first week of school we were able to donate to both the Action Partnership Canned Food Drive and the Fullerton Park. On September 6 students attended the Council on Aging. In the weeks to come there are endless opportunities that include Coastal Cleanup (September 20), the Halloween Candy Drive (benefits the Boys and Girls Club), Canning Hunger Box of Love Drive, and the Down Syndrome Association OC Buddy Walk. If you are interested in any of these opportunities contact Ms. Kunkle as soon as possible in order to reserve your space. Apart from the community service we also have numerous denim days that benefit different non-profit organizations, so be sure to bring 5 dollars. Finally, remember by the time you graduate you must have 80 hours of community service; it is never too early to start!
-Contributed by ASB Officers Calen O., Henry Y. and Maud R.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ATHLETICS: Football and Volleyball Team Captains

As the school year ramps up, so do our Huskies’ football and volleyball seasons. This weekend’s football game against Maya Angelou brought an unprecedented win of 43-0. The Huskies came on strong for their first game of the season! Captain Lionell Wiggins, when asked what he’d like to say to his team, noted, “There might be times when we’re not on the same page, but at the end of the day we are a family. My goal for this team is for us to just get better and better, good enough to get to playoffs, and win league.” He capped off his heartfelt response with “Because being with this team, I have learned a lot.”

Although the volleyball team has not yet started their game season, Captain Skylar Hess has no shortage of things to say about her team. Asked the same question, Skylar gave an eager, “thank you so much to my teammates and wonderful coach for being supportive and always working 110%. We have definitely been working our hardest to prepare for the season and I know it’s going to be great.” The follow-up question, “What is your goal for the season?”, received a short and determined reply—“to win league.”

The drive and ambition of our captain is startlingly sincere, and as Huskies, we’ll be there to cheer them on every step of the way. The next football game is this Friday against Sage Hill, and the next volleyball game is Thursday, September 4th.  See you there!

-Contributed by ASB Officers Cristina Z., Michelle P., and Sprite L.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

HUSKY NEWSROOM: Interview with Ms. Moreno

Ms. Moreno, the new Spanish teacher, loves Fairmont. She loves how Fairmont welcomed and supports her, as a new teacher. She likes teaching Spanish because it gives her the ability to share her culture. However, she did not want to teach Spanish from the start. In fact, she wanted to be an archeologist because she was inspired by the movie The Mummy, but decided not to pursue that career because she realized archeologists had to deal with spiders, animals, and insects that come along with it. When she was younger she did not like her culture, she desired to be a regular American girl, but she later accepted her culture as she grew. One of the many reasons she loves Fairmont is how diverse our population is and how we accept anyone from any culture. Her major goal as a teacher this year is to help students become proficient in the language and to maintain interest in the language. Outside of the classroom Ms. Moreno coaches soccer to children with developmental disabilities. We are so happy to have Ms. Moreno in our Fairmont family.

-Contributed by ASB Officers Manu S., Sonali N., and Leanne A.