Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CLUBS: Club Rush Re-Cap

Club Rush is an event that gives students a platform to create or/and join different clubs. During the event, club officers will set up their materials for advertisement (posters, spreadsheets, and snacks) on the tables provided.

For this year's club rush, there were approximately 48 that participated, all with diligent officers and advisors working together toward the same goal: to enrich students' lives. Our most active clubs include: Red Cross, UNICEF, Kid Work, Model United Nations, and  CCIA. Not only did club founders able to experience the thrill of welcoming new members.  Students were provided with various aspects of information to help them make their choices--some clubs are based on community service purpose while others are made to initiate students' leadership in international relationships.

Thanks to all the effort put in by our club officers and advisors that made our Club Rush experience wonderful!

-Contributed by ASB officers Nora W., Alex K., and Eric Z.


  1. Club Rush was amazing this year!! As a club officer, I was very happy with the organized way it ran and am also impressed with all the creativity the clubs presented this year!

  2. We are becoming very organized in our approach to club rush! Thanks for all the great work! - Yusi

  3. It was great seeing all of the clubs Prep has to offer. I think the Club Commissioners did a great job as well as the Club officers. Keep up the good work Huskies!

  4. This was my first club rush as a freshman but I had lots if fun and I can't wait to do it again next year! Ellie:)

  5. Club rush was a blast this year. There are so many new and interesting clubs that support amazing causes. I'm so glad we can get involved here at fairmont.

  6. Club rush was great! I was so happy to see how many clubs we have on campus. From Red cross club to the Anime club, each club is great. Club rush was great :)


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