Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CLUBS: Model United Nations CONDOMUN

BANG! The sound of the gavel signified a successful closing of the Model United Nations Conference at California High School, CONDORMUN, in Whittier on September 19th. As the first conference Fairmont Model United Nations Club had on its calendar, delegates prepared intensely for the opportunity to shine early in the school year.
Representing the United States of America and Australia, two brave delegates, Justin Lee (12), and Jesse Chen (12), actively participated in the conference. After four hours of heated committee sessions, Justin Lee received the honor of Best Delegate, an award equivalent to first place, that was only bestowed onto five of the hundred delegates present. After he proudly represented his committee for a summary speech at the closing ceremony, Justin received loud and enthusiastic applause. Jesse Chen also did not disappoint, as she proved herself a powerful delegate by earning fourth place in her committee session.
CONDORMUN turned out to be both the platform to demonstrate talents for some and the creation of a deep passion for MUN. Chrissy C. (9) and Tiffany C. (9) both stated they would love to participate in more conferences after observing this one. Congratulations FPAMUN, for a great start!
-Contributed by Yusi W., Class of 2015 Treaturtary


  1. Good job to everyone who participated! And a special shout out to Yusi Wang for making sure Fairmont shines in MUN :)

  2. Congratulations, FPA MUN! It is always so great to hear of all that our student body is accomplishing, on and off campus.

  3. Thank you for all your kind comments! I hope MUN Grows and continues to attract more huskies!


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