Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ACTIVITIES: Spirit Week Recap

October 20-24, our Disney themed Spirit Week and Homecoming, October 26, was one to remember. It was so refreshing to see everyone participate in Spirit Week activities as well as have fun together on the dance floor. Let's do a recap:  The seniors kicked off the week with Tomorrowland. We enjoyed a meal of chicken, biscuits, and mac n' cheese from KFC. When we were done eating we had a friendly duel in the jousting ring and then soared through the sky on a trampoline. The hallway was blacked out and decorated with chalk, funny jokes, and cool streamers and stars that made it seem like we were in the future. It also helped that the student body dressed up in metallic colors, Star Wars related clothing, and anything else futuristic they could find.

The junior class presented us with Fantasyland where everyone was welcome to wear formal attire or do the complete opposite by showing up in pajamas. The campus was decorated with a balloon arch, princess cut outs, and royal towers while the hallway resembled a castle fit for the queen herself. The L&L BBQ and snow cones were big hits with everyone who bought them, and those who didn't cast envious looks upon the delicious food. The juniors also hosted bobbing for apples, limbo, and a pie eating contest. Congratulations to Lionell Wiggins and Christina Li for being the winners of the day.

Wednesday was Frontierland hosted by the sophomore class. Everyone dressed up in jeans, flannels, combat boots, and cowboy boots and hats. The hallway took us to another world filled with cacti, jails, saloons, and western Disney characters and the campus was covered in floating cows and cacti. At lunch, tacos, beans, rice, and of course boba were served to the student body and the response was more than enthusiastic. Afterwards intense races through the bounce house obstacle course were underway and then everyone headed over to the mechanical bull. Shout out to Mr. Mendoza for riding the bull and being a good sport.

The freshman class wrapped up the week with Main Street USA. Everyone enjoyed pizza, a candy "bar," and of course, churros. It was nice to see so many high school students get excited over getting to take a ride on a train as well as faces painted by "real" princesses. Other activities to enjoy included a bounce house and a silhouette station which matched perfectly with the American themed decorations and hallway. A big shout out to everyone brave enough to dance in the middle of the courtyard and congratulations to Mrs. Coleman for winning the competition.
Spirit Week came to a close with a rally where all fall sports teams were announced, bed sheets judged, and exciting games played. Congratulations to the junior class for coming out with the win!
Sunday October 26 was the Homecoming dance. Everyone looked amazing in formal wear and luckily the photo booth was there to capture many moments. A friendly coat check kept all belongings safe while we partied on the dance floor. Everyone enjoyed themselves based on stellar dance moves and especially the big group dance. Shout out to the ASB dance committee for hosting such a successful and memorable event.

Comment below about your favorite part of Spirit Week and Homecoming!

-Contributed by Tara F., ASB Sophomore Class Treasurtary