Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This year Husky Vision season 9 is off to a great start! So far we have had 3 episodes this season and they have recieved great reviews from the audience. This year’s class has 18 people in it and Mr. Ochoa said, “This years class is one of the most productive and creative classes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This class has a lot of ideas and it is very nice to see development in the students that I’ve had for 3 years.” Some of the popular segments this year include Pun Timez, Top Dawg, and Unexpectedness. Pun Timez is a new segment this year led by Bryan Dang and Sartaj Panesar, who create puns revolving around the upcoming events at Fairmont. It has gotten very positive feedback from viewers and classmate Adam Berelowitz said, “Pun Timez is a very witty segment that breaks up serious topics in Husky Vision and lightens the mood.”  This year Top Dawg is ran by Samantha Clement, the first female lead in Husky Vision history. Top Dawg is a segment that informs the audience about upcoming events on and around campus. The next episode is January 23rd and the Husky Vision team is already hard at work preparing for it! 

-Contributed by Samantha C., Leo L., & Patty Martinez


  1. Always looking forward to Husky Vision every month! Good job to everyone in Husky Vision!

  2. Husky Vision is great! I am always excited to go watch the latest episodes! Great job to everyone who works hard to make it so much fun to watch.


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