Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FASHION: Prom Fashion Ideas

This year, many new styles are being worn that have never been worn before. For girls, two-
piece Prom dresses have become extremely popular. A short top with long skirt combine
together and look wonderful. Most dresses have intricate backings. The backs
are either cut low or cut with beautiful designs and generally have a plainer front. Backless
dresses are also very popular and beautiful. Nordstrom does not have as wide a variety
for Prom dresses this year as other stores, so keep that in mind. For boys, tuxedos are
extremely popular, along with suits. This year I know of many men not wearing the
traditional tux or 3-piece suit. Instead, they are wearing a very nice suit. Dress shoes are
mandatory and many tuxedo rental shops have shinier dress shoes to rent. Oxfords are
also very popular and trendy right now. Boys, make sure to match your date and that your pocket
square and tie or bow tie match everything!

Since Prom is in LA, it is also an option to go shopping for Prom attire in the LA Fashion District!

Have fun and be safe.

Contributed by Samantha C., Leo L. and Sheryne N.

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