Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CLUBS: 2015 Fall Club Rush

For many students with interests in fields that don’t directly pertain to school subjects, Club Rush gives an opportunity for students to share their interest with others.  Club Rush is from September 14 through September 16, during lunch. Each club has their own table and students can get information and sign up if they want. The clubs vary from community service to sharing culture. There are about 46 clubs, but you can start your own club by filling out a form in the Green Room. If you already have a club, make sure to renew it. It is a good chance to get involved with school and meet new people. Go check it out!

-Contributed by Kellen Z., Lauren J. Chloe L.


  1. The Fall "Clubchella," was really fun, Deanna and Ashwin did really well this year. For the past couple years it usually has been the same thing, but this year seemed more creative and was overall really entertaining and informative! Good Job Huskies! -Cameron O.

  2. This years club rush was amazing! It was great to see how many clubs we have on campus. I am really excited for the next club rush! Great job Ashwin, Deanna, and Mrs. Kunkle!

  3. I'm very impressed and proud of the work done by our clubs commissioners this year. The whole Clubchella theme really drew interest in the event and it was a great idea. All of the new clubs also caught my attention and truly made this event something spectacular.


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