Friday, September 4, 2015

NEWSLETTER: September 4, 2015 News & Announcements

Breakfast with a Counselor
Breakfast with a Counselor is an opportunity for parents and guardians to informally meet over breakfast with the Prep's counselors to discuss topics in their student's academic life. We hope you will have an opportunity to join us!.

Choir Fundraiser
Beginning on Monday, September 7th, the choir program will be hosting its first fundraiser. Snacking in the USA is a great way to support choir students and eat delicious food. Snacks range from trail mix to candy. Click here to see the brochure. Each bag is only $7 and your support helps the choir program! Please contact Ms. No at for more details or to place an order.

Class Meeting Summary
On Friday, August 28th, the Counseling Department hosted the first Class Meeting of the year. Students were grouped by grade level as counselors addressed what each grade needs to be aware of for the year. Freshmen discussed goal setting and academic resources such as Net-Classroom, Blackboard, and Prep Plus tutoring. Sophomores and juniors reviewed graduation requirements and upcoming SAT & ACT dates. Seniors outlined the upcoming college application deadline cycle and were encouraged to utilize their Naviance accounts for college applications. In addition to reviewing important upcoming dates, Mr. Kiki Mendoza, Mr. Fred Romo, and Mr. Kevin East reminded all students of the new attendance, uniform, and Homestay policies and procedures. The next Class Meeting is scheduled for September 11th.

College Counseling
It’s only the first week of school and we’re already receiving numerous requests from dozens of colleges and universities to visit Fairmont Prep this fall. We host three kinds of college visits. The first is a daytime visit when college admissions representatives come to Fairmont Prep and meet with small groups of seniors interested in that particular institution. These meetings usually take place in the counseling center and students are informed about them through Naviance. Over 80 colleges visited the campus last year to meet with our students! The second type of visit occurs when an admissions counselor is invited as a guest speaker. Examples of this include counselors from pharmacy schools and health science institutions who visit the science classes. As well as, admissions counselors from art conservatories who visit the AP art classes. Finally, we have the annual College Fair which will take place on Tuesday, October 13th at 6:00 pm. Last year over 100 different colleges and universities from around the world participated in this event. The Counseling Department encourages students to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to meet with college representatives and learn about a wide range of educational institutions.

Community Service - Action Partnership Food Drive
Action Partnership is dedicated to alleviating poverty and its root causes by helping people and changing lives. This is accomplished through building better communities, improving health, reducing hunger, averting crisis, and strengthening families in low-income communities. Action Partnership mobilizes both public and private resources to help the people move out of poverty by meeting basic needs and helping them to become more self-sufficient. They provide food to the hungry, after school programs, family services, conduct community development activities and mentoring, provide refurbished computers to low-income students, and much more.

Transportation Department News
The Transportation Department now offers all forms online! Visit to access request and cancellation forms. Additionally, if your student needs a temporary change in transportation arrangements, please let Transportation know so that they can assist you!

Travel Week 2015-2016
Fairmont Prep is offering three amazing trips through World Strides: Germany, Peru, and Florida. Our two international trips include a trip to Germany, featuring a visit to Amsterdam with a focus on WWII and the Holocaust. We will visit Anne Frank's house and the Holocaust Museum while learning about the culture of this beautiful country.
The Peru trip will provide opportunities for students to explore the Incan Empire while engaging in community service activities. Students will serve at a local school, as well as learn about the culture and enjoy local cuisine.
Our domestic trip to Florida will be full of excitement. The week begins at the Kennedy Space Center where we will explore the center and enjoy having lunch with an astronaut. During the next three days, we will receive a behind the scenes tour of Walt Disney World. The final day of the trip will consist of swimming with dolphins!
Registration has begun and we hope you will participate in one of these amazing trips. If you would like more information about Travel Week, please contact Mrs. Anna Kunkle at

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