Wednesday, September 2, 2015

STUDENT ACTIVITES: Back to School Rally and Field Day


Last Friday (August 21, 2015) was the annual Back-to-School Rally at Fairmont Prep! Everybody had a great time cheering their class and promoting school spirit. Each student dressed brightly in their class colors, while donning spirit gear. The roaring contest between each grade was an audible example of how exciting rallies can get, and everybody gave it their absolute best. Afterward, the bed sheet contest was judged by our talented art teachers, who announced that the Juniors had the most creative bed sheet.

The new teachers got their share of the spotlight during a game where they had to throw balloons full of paint at a target. After several more games, the announcement of the fall sports teams, and an amazing, upbeat performance by the cheerleaders, members of the football and volleyball teams were able to test their strength against one another and impress the entire student body. At the end of the rally, it was announced that the Juniors won the rally by a slim margin. The students were treated to a delicious barbeque lunch of hot dogs and watermelon provided by Nutrition Management.

For the rest of the day, the Student Engagement Association, led by Ms. Coleman, organized activities for the entire student body. These activities included a banana eating contest, along with competitive basketball and soccer games. The remainder of the day was spent dancing to music provided by Marcos, our music commissioner, and hanging out on the nearby playgrounds. Ms. Coleman ended the day by showing the student body her Cupid Shuffle, a classic Fairmont tradition. 

-Contributed by Gurveer S., Ellie G. and Jeanzelle S., Class of 2018


  1. The Back to School Rally was really fun this year. It was full of excitement, and barely any downtime; it was jam-packed full of fun activities. Way to get the school started right Huskies! -Cameron O.

  2. The back to school rally was so much fun! Great job Katie and Neha, you guys planned and successfully executed an amazing rally. Congratulations to the Junior class for winning!


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