Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CLUBS: Badminton Club

During the week of Club Rush, there were many good clubs, but one club stood out amongst them all, the  Badminton Club. Jimmy Wang, club president, came up with a really good idea. During Club Rush day, club members were able to set up a demonstration of the sport to show other students techniques and how the game works in order to attract more students to join.  

Jimmy Wang has been club member for three years. He began as a normal member, and now he is president. He is willing to expand Badminton Club and recruit more people to join. His club goal is to promote the fun of the sport to all Fairmont students.
If you would like to join the club, you can contact Jimmy anytime through email Wjbjimmy@gmail.com

-Contributed by James C., Class of 2017

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Red Ribbon Week is from October 16th to October 20th, and Red Ribbon Week is to promote the idea of being drug free. Every student is given a red bracelet in third period to raise awareness of this event. In order to get most of the students active about this event, we arrange different activities everyday. During lunch on Monday, we hold a special activity with choir and Mrs. Coleman to teach students how to Zumba. On Tuesday, students are to wear their Hawaiian clothes to show "Lei off Drugs," and are welcome  to join the Hula hoop contest during lunch at the flagpole, play horse-shoes, jump rope, limbo, and pineapple bowl. On Wednesday, the topic is “Dress Up Don’t Mess Up,” students are supposed to wear a red shirt with red accessories such as socks, caps, sunglasses, ties, jewelry, watches with their school uniform, pants or skirts. At lunch, students are welcome to make a pledge to be drug free and to send messages to friends to let them know how much they are respected. On Thursday, students are to wear formal clothes to “Dress for Success.” During lunch, they can go to take a spin at the wheel to check out their fortunes; they can also go to participate in the Goggle Experiment on a loss of balance. On Friday, the last day of the week, in honor of Halloween, students can wear their costumes, and, at the same time, say BOO to drugs.

-Contributed by Tiffany N, Jimmy W. and Kyla W.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ACADEMICS: Advanced Science and Engineering Program

The ASEP (Advanced Science and Engineering Program) is a program where students have the option to select an emphasis in either Life Science or Engineering. There are various classes such as Bioengineering and Organic Chemistry that allow students to explore different fields of science. It is a strong network of peers and educators devoted to science and the pursuit of knowledge.
On August 27th, the program held a welcome back event, also known as the ASEP Mixer.  It was a great way for program students from all four years to get together and discuss plans for the year. Underclassmen were also able to meet and get advice from upperclassmen.
The program offers a variety of field trips - now part of student grades - that allow students to meet with professionals from different fields of medicine and engineering.  On Wednesday September 2nd, the ASEP program traveled to Pasadena to attend the 2015 Space Conference at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AAIA).  Students had the unique experience to talk to industry professionals and hear from leaders in aerospace. After a special presentation at the NASA exhibit, speakers such as Ms. April Clause and Ms. Michelle Lucas discussed educational experiences and paths to becoming the people they are today.  
Throughout the year, ASEP will host more guest speakers at school. The Senior Talks speaker series begins in November. Seniors will share their experiences and give advice in a variety of areas such as managing extracurriculars and study skills.
The ASEP program gives students the unique opportunity to excel in the science and engineering areas through classes, guest speakers from professionals in the field, trips to conventions, and an open network of peers to create a truly exceptional program.
Mr. Hand and Mrs. Leslie are both advisors for the Program. They each have a wonderful time working closely with each of the students and are delighted to answer any questions you may have about the program. Whether it be about joining or simply obtaining details regarding ASEP, they encourage all students interested in  Life Sciences or Engineering to consider joining the program. Visit either of the advisors if you have any questions in Room 162 (Mr. Hand) or Room 18 (Mrs. Leslie).
-Contributed by Emaad R., Katie M, Ashwin D.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CLUBS: United Nations Children's Fund

A few weeks ago, Fairmont Prep students experienced Club Rush and joined groups that appealed to them. If you're into art, there's Encore for the Arts, musical people can join The Sound of Music, and for the hungry, there's Food Appreciation Team, or FAT Club. There are also numerous community service clubs, such as Key Club, Kids to Kids, or Red Cross.
One club that stood out amongst the rest was Fairmont Prep UNICEF. UNICEF, or the United Nations Children's Fund, is a humanitarian club that fundraises and raises awareness for children and mothers in developing countries. During Club Rush, this club had over 100 sign-ups, a record number for a Fairmont Prep club.
Every project that UNICEF participates in supports a different social issue, whether it be disaster relief, human trafficking, education, or health supplies (vaccines, antiretroviral or HIV medications).
UNICEF also participates in several fundraisers during the school year, such as the famous “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”. Prior to Halloween, UNICEF members set up donation boxes in classrooms where students are invited to make donations to be sent to UNICEF. UNICEF members also help this project by going trick-or-treating  Halloween night, asking for donations in lieu of candy. These donations will be sent to UNICEF to support the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis.
Another upcoming project is the Tap Project – keep an eye out for this one, Huskies!
So, if UNICEF sounds fun to you, contact either Katie McAllister or Anjalie Gulati, or stop by Room 18 to ask Mrs. Leslie for information about how to join!
-Contributed by Annie G.